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Our solutions

When it comes to the solutions Danwind Construction are offering, the below listing is a summary of some of the most important tasks related to the single different areas listed below. The listing is not the full scope, but some of the most important ones.

Installation on & offshore

We offer all different issues from preassembly to complete installation both onshore and offshore.
– Pre-assembly
– Site management
– Supervisors
– Mechanical technicians (installation)
– Electrical technicians (installation)
– Cable work and testing

Crane coordination

We offer complete crane coordination with selected high skilled crane companies with many years of experience
– Craning of wind turbine components
– Highly skilled crane operators


We offer complete commissioning of various turbine models
– Commissioning technicians

Blade repair

We offer everything related to blades and blade repair, which includes a NEW unique LEP solution
– Rope access teams
– Repair of polyester and epoxy blades
– Leading edge protection
– Consultancy support
– Visual inspection
– Fully equipped service vans
– Experienced and highly trained technicians

Transport & Logistic

We offer turnkey solution inside transport and logistic of wind turbine components globally
– Transport of wind turbine components from manufacturer to site
– Logistic planning
– Loading / unloading and receiving

Service & maintenance

– Scheduled service
– Preventive maintenance
– Corrective maintenance
– Bolt torque and tension
– Hydraulic systems
– Main component exchange